on March 20, 2018

We take a special kind of pride in the unexpected combinations found on 8tracks. And what’s more surprising than the fact that these odd pairings even exist in the first place is just how pleasing they can be. The adventurous soul can search for virtually any combination of tags and find a mix that matches even the most eccentric criteria.

Wanna throw some fresh beats on that oven-fresh pizza you’re about to stuff in your face? Bon appétit!

Get Stuffed!

7    1    17 tracks

Need to cheer up your dog? These’ll come in handy.


112    8    9 tracks

Hoping to have an aggressively relaxing trip to Cabo for spring break? Your wish is our command.

All mixed up inside

40254    1264    243 tracks

Wish you could combine all your favorite songs from 8tracks into a single playlist on Spotify that you can listen to whenever you want? Ummmm...yeah, we can help with that too.