on September 23, 2016

We wish the Belchers were real. Yeah, we guess in some form or another a family kind of like them exists somewhere out in the world, and maybe some of them resemble us or our family members (although sadly we can tell you straight-up we don't have a Tina), there just isn't this perfect of a combination out there.

Luckily, Bob's Burgers comes back this Sunday. That means we get to pretend for another season that they live right down the street from us and they come over for dinner all the time and go with us to Lobsterfest and we get to bear witness to their shenanigans firsthand.

In preparation for a TV premiere that promises to end all war, starvation, and human suffering, we've collected playlists from Bob's Burgers fans on 8tracks who have musically summed up the Belchers better than we ever could.

Argh! Notice me!

by sidleyparkhermit

Argh! Notice me!

by sidleyparkhermit

110       13 tracks
You got your legs waxed and I didn't

The only teacher you'll ever need if you want to learn to love yourself.

I smell fear on you

by extraordinarymachines

I smell fear on you

by extraordinarymachines

1,638       14 tracks
I swear to god, if you keep talking I'm gonna gut punch you

The person you channel when you really want to achieve something. Specifically vengeance.

a smart, strong, sensual woman

by whoreschach

819       12 tracks
tangy jamz for hanging out with the baddest bitch in the joint, tina belcher

Everyone's recollection of their teenage selves before they realize they were never this cool.

Baby, I Love You❤

by Rhobots

155       14 tracks
a very sappy mix about one of the healthiest relationships on tv

Bob & Linda
Like your parents, but not as weird. But also...weirder.

Hanging Out With the Belchers

by RookieMag

6,626       12 tracks
We need not seek the Belchers, for the Belchers dwell within us all

The Whole Unit

Bob's Burgers premieres this Sunday 9/25 at 7:30 EST on FOX.