on December 22, 2016

How to gift unlimited, ad-free listening with 12 months of 8tracks Plus to lucky souls you ‘ppreciate:

1. Send $29.99 (our 50% discounted rate) to plus@8tracks.com via PayPal, and include these details in the “note” section:

  • The recipient’s 8tracks username or a link to their profile so we can find ‘em - otherwise we’ll have to return the funds.
  • A custom message for us to relay to the recipient of your affection.

2. It may take 2-4 days for us to upgrade the account and notify the recipient. While you’re waiting, plot how to surprise said recipient with the news. A treasure hunt of handwritten notes directing them to a mixtape you made? Cold water while they’re sleeping? Both together? The choice is yours...


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