on July 18, 2017

Cover songs are a timeless tradition nearly as old as the act of songwriting itself.

From tributes...

God Save The King | Michael Jackson Tribute

5846    305    33 tracks

To parodies...

Broadway [Remix]

1629    128    24 tracks

To playing the standards...

Stardust Melodies

557    59    10 tracks

Reprising older material often seems to be a more popular option than composing original work. But what is it about covers that makes them so appealing?

For the fan, there’s a blending of familiarity and novelty, which offers up both an anchoring point and a launchpad for new adventures. So, even when a “new” song comes on the radio, we can still belt out the lyrics like a practiced professional. Case in point:

Acoustic Feels: Cover Songs to set the theme for 2016

3358    194    15 tracks

For the musicians themselves, it’s a chance to breathe new life into a forgotten classic, pay homage, or build (and hopefully improve) upon a source of inspiration.

And clearly we’re not alone in our fascination. With a quick search, we found about 20,000 playlists on 8tracks featuring the tag covers, which makes us think there are more than a few fans out there. Give ‘em a spin!