on November 23, 2016

We have a proposition for you. Consider the following two cases we present below:

The case for holiday cheer

The holidays are upon us, and we think it’s the most exciting time of the year--a time of warmth, comfort, and belonging, to say nothing of presents (though, yes, the holidays are definitely about presents).

We spend time with loved ones, typically have some time off from work or school, and people are baking near-constantly, offering up various warm dessert breads...mmmmmmmmmm.

The sounds of holiday music floating through the air bring us comfort and happy memories from younger days, so we take a nice long breath and know that life is full of goodness, and yes, cheer.

The case for holiday sneers

We meet the holidays with a certain amount of dread. The panic of enduring long lines to locate gifts for loved ones. The prospect of family gatherings that will almost certainly end in a political food fight.

The existential pain blanket of Christmas music suffocating us wherever we go (there may not be a war on Christmas, but we know very well there’s a Christmas music war that puts us on the front lines).

Not to mention the particular dread of these last weeks of 2016, which may very well mean the death of every musician we’ve ever loved. It’s enough to make us wanna draw the blackout curtains and hibernate until the New Year. Wake us when it’s over please.

So we ask, which side are you on?

Whether you love or loathe the holidays, we’re having ourselves a little contest to help you cope with your anxiety put you and the rest of the music lovers out there in the spirit of the season.

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4 holiday and 4 anti-holiday winners -- as determined by the number of likes earned (so be sure to share your playlist!) -- will receive a free 1-year subscription of ad-free 8tracks+.

Create your holiday soundtrack here!

However, you choose to celebrate, we wish you a happy, safe, and anxiety-free holiday season!

High fives,
-Your friends at 8tracks