on March 06, 2017

Music: the most natural and instinctive form of communication known to humans--and almost every other creature on this planet, for that matter. In fact, some argue that humans developed music as a means of self-expression before both spoken and written language. But it wouldn’t be fair to claim this gift as a uniquely human invention.

Music is, quite literally, in the air…and everywhere else. Birds, monkeys, and whales all sing. The wind whistles. Trees masquerade as records. Even Arctic ice floes put on ambient acoustic performances for weather-weary fans. And it’s not like we believe in aliens* or anything, but there are even songs floating down to Earth from outer space. Where could they be coming from, hmmmm?

So, let’s hear it for Mother Nature, the most underrated songwriter in the entire universe!

And here’s a modest celebration of our sweet lady at her most musical:

*Disclaimer: We totally believe in aliens. And if our extraterrestrial overlords are reading this right now, why haven't you developed telepathy for intergalactic correspondence??? please know that we are ever your humble servants and stand at the ready to do your bidding the moment you deem us worthy of your command. And if you're not feeling the nature sounds, no worries! We’ve got a very unnatural selection of playlists curated specifically for your listening enjoyment.