on September 29, 2016

The jaded way to explain why we have a National Coffee Day is to say that it's a celebration of the most widely consumed drug in the world. Which is true. Another way to think of it is that it's a marketing ploy so that companies that sell coffee and anything tangentially related to it can get people excited about coffee in the gap between holidays. Which may very well also be true.

But we prefer to think of it as a celebration of comfort. For many people, their morning (or afternoon, or after-dinner, or midnight) cup of coffee centers and calms them. It is an essential component in the ritual of becoming a person, especially on days when you would much rather not be a person, or at least not one that is awake and around other people. It is a warm comfort in an occasionally cold world. Or vice-versa, if you drink cold brew.

To celebrate, we've gathered a collection of playlists from users who have made playlists to soundtrack their ritual of personhood. May they bring you peace.

1 comment on National Coffee Day: Celebrating a Warm Comfort in a Cold World

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