on May 31, 2017

We may as well admit it...we’re biased. We just happen to really like good music. And of course we’ve developed a proprietary system of complex metrics to determine what qualifies as “good” that we absolutely will not allow to be questioned...

So, whenever the opportunity arises to shamelessly plug any of the hundreds of musical masterpieces being created on 8tracks every single day, we simply cannot help ourselves.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it (you should, but you don’t have to). Click on any one of the delectable little treats below to find out for yourself. Bon appétit!

The end of the school year is getting closer, and we're all just crawling to the finish line.

The Sun Will Rise Like It Always Does

53224    5144    23 tracks

You've got plenty of things to do, but that can wait. For now, relax and put everything on hold.

If you want to dance and feel good.

summer vibes

7628    572    8 tracks