on June 06, 2017

We stumbled upon an old conversation on the interwebz the other day that got us thinking.

The topic? How To Make A Mixtape Without Looking Like A Creeper

Now, don’t get us wrong; that’s an important consideration to be sure, but the question itself isn’t half as intriguing as its intent.

How does a DJ curate an ideal listening experience? One that tells a story without sending mixed messages (pun seriously not intended but completely unavoidable). Relying upon the lyrics and melodies of the chosen songs, how can a storyteller be sure to get the point across clearly?

It’s an art form that requires practice like any other, but the right toolkit is an essential part of it. A captivating title, expressive artwork, a poetic description, and personalized tags to match the activity or set the mood–these are all part of what makes an 8tracks playlist such a wonderful journey of discovery.

For example…

some memories never leave your bones. like salt in the sea;

1555    211    11 tracks

So the question is, what story are you going to tell the world with your next mixtape?

Give it a try today and send a musical message to a friend, loved-one, crush, or even a perfect stranger.

And if now’s not the best time for that, maybe one of the exceptional mixes below will inspire that creative spirit.