on December 06, 2017

Congrats! You made it through the first wave of holiday insanity – braving the spoopy one, the sleepy one, and the shoppy one. Now it’s time to buckle down...this next month is gonna throw a lot at you, but we’ve got a little something to help you manage that stress like a pro.

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A Time Of Wonder

10127    1144    22 tracks

We’ll even start you off with a free 14-day trial in the spirit of goodwill and cheer.

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And if you really wanna get into the spirit of the season, why not test out that whole “it’s better to give than receive” theory? You can gift a whole year of 8tracks Plus to anyone you like for only $29.99. Click this link for your one-stop shopping details!

Happy holidays,

-Your friends at 8tracks