on August 29, 2017

There are some things in life that, while fine on their own, are endowed with seemingly magical powers when paired with just the right counterpart. You know what we mean: wine & cheese, water & sand, unsupervised free time & a pocketful of cash...the list could go on forever really.

One of the most widely celebrated pairings on 8tracks is that of books & music. And why wouldn’t it be? Honestly, is there anything better than losing yourself in a world of words while the perfect soundtrack to your literary adventure eclipses the sounds of the "real" (whatever that's supposed to mean) world just outside your door? That, by the way, was a rhetorical question. Please don't overthink it. We're all very well aware that no, there absolutely is not a single thing better than that experience, nor will there ever be.

But in case you need convincing, we present, for your listening pleasure, a tiny sample of some of the best reading companions ever published on 8tracks. Go grab a book, and get lost!

Surrender To Literature

1718    191    11 tracks

Reading Playlist

494    58    19 tracks

Chill Out and Read [Video Game Mix]

96    24    24 tracks