on September 12, 2017

You know that friend who seems to exist for the sole purpose of making crude and inappropriate jokes, which somehow end up getting you in trouble just for laughing? We wanna be that for you.

Inappropriate Song Mix

670    23    11 tracks

Or the one who turns any event—including a late-night study session at the library—into an all out spontaneous dance party? Yep, totally us.

DJ_Serenity's 80's Dance Party!

22    3    14 tracks

Or even that one who shows up at your place unannounced on a Friday afternoon, cancels all your plans, and “forces” you to take a weekend trip to Vegas? We’re all over that.

But then there’s also that friend who’s always looking out for you when you’re too stubborn, childish, or “busy” to take care of yourself. We can be that for you, too.

Whether you’re looking for fun, adventure, trouble, or just someone to hold your hair back when you’ve had a bit too much of all of the above, we’re in your corner.