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The Meat Shall Inherit the Earth


A mix of artists including but not limited to Odd Future, Johnny Cash, and even a little Queen to add some 80's flair. Genres from electronic, hardcore rock, rap, southern rock, and alternative. If you can't find a song you like in this mix you should probably give up on lifting and take up knitting.

63 tracks
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Good songs. In fact, great songs. But the transitions are a bit strange at times. Really looking forward to future mixes.

Listening to this playlist will make you move around the gym so fast mother nature will appear and tell you to slow down, but you'll be like fuck you and kick her in the face with your energy legs. Songs from artists like Tyler the Creator and Avicii to Slipknot and Rammstien plus many, many,... way too many more. Now stop reading and go lift some heavy stuff and put it back down.