Things You Should (ok: Might Want To...fine: Probably Don't Want To) Know About Me:
1. In my eyes, mustard is a food group.
2. I still have to make an ‘L’ with my fingers to differentiate my left hand from my right.
3. I went through a phase where I called people ‘homedog’ and thought it was cool. A most terrible error.
4. Glitter
5. I fall in love with talented old dead men much more often than is healthy.
6. I know the difference between chili, chilly and Chile.
7. I want to be a pirate. I want to be one so badly.
8. Sometimes when I get nervous I compulsively sing O Canada as fast as possible over and over in my head.
9. I think that Peter Pan is one of the best things that exsists in this world.
10. I spent a month digging a 6 1/2 foot deep, 300 metre long trench in my back yard this summer.
11. I think that Neil Sedaka would make a great best friend.
12. A good pun is always appreciated.
13. If chickpeas didn't exsist, chances are I wouldn't either.
14. My name is Maya