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Friday Night Mixtape Vol.3

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Hey @beats&noodles ! I just wanted to say I love your taste in music!! I've been listening to all your playlists and they have helped me focus in school and cleaning. I've started blasting them in the kitchen at the restaurant I work at and they've been a hit! Anyways, just trying to spread some positive vibes! Do you have a Spotify or Soundcloud? I'd love to listen to more of your music :)

where do you find music like this?! It's amazing. Your playlists help me a lot, I'm writing my thesis now and it's because of them, I'm not a nervous mess yet.

@kinakina - Thanks! is a great way to find and follow these artists - some of them would not have a presence on these new paid streaming platforms. I think you will like my next playlist "the weekend playlist", which i will release on Friday.