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Korean Connection


This is not K-pop. This playlist is a tribute to some of the most amazing Korean & Korean American beatmakers out there.
Featuring tracks by Elyon, Whiterain and Nosaj Thing

13 tracks
7 comments on Korean Connection

Good stuff man, this got me up and going this morning! awesome stuff :-)

I always find myself wondering if there's an actual Soytang Cafe somewhere? I picture it with savory hot drinks, snacks, shisha, cozy lighting, cushy furniture, good friends, and of course you on the decks setting the mood with your seemingly endless stream of brilliant tunes... I'm there now, man ;-)

Hey Mindplay! Thanks for yet another cheerful comment! Actually, there will be a soytang café somewhere at some point, if everything goes well!! lol

seriously? where, in Montreal? I'm in upstate NY, and I have friends in Canada, so there's a real chance I'd be able to visit :-)