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Chill out favorites


Compiled some of my favorite chill tracks that I've uploaded, mostly from my chill collection along with some new songs so I could have them all in one mix. Some of these songs are extremely chilled out while others are a little more upbeat. enjoy!

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Still loving this playlist. Been listening to it consistently since you made it. From studying, to cruisin', to drinking, you've added a new vibe to my life hits. And, it's dominating! Thanks..

Amazing mix! I listen to it all the time. Just in case the creator and listeners would like to find the song to download or something, "Us" by Haring is mislabeled as "Ghost (Cosmos Midnight Remix)" by Snakadaktal. Both good music though :)

@The Prichanator thank you for noticing that! it was meant to be ghost (cosmos midnight remix) but it linked it to the incorrect song on soundcloud.