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When you find someone that makes your heart beat a little faster, makes your hands a little clammier, makes your smile a little larger, makes your laugh a little more genuine. When you meet the person that you don't know what it is, but something about them makes you want to fall in love with them.

Fourty-seven songs that make you feel giddier by the second. The songs you'll listen to and only think of that one, special person.

47 tracks
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Well good job beautiful insanity! I'm a junior as well, except I'm in college. Trust me when I say the people on this website help me with their mixes get through the day more often than not! So keep making mixes, you're great at it!

Aw, thank you! Aha I actually need to change that - I'm now a senior in high school. :) I really appreciate the feedback, I'm glad you like my mixes. :)