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I'm Done.


For the time when you realize that he's just not worth it, when he breaks your heart and you realize it's his loss, when he leads you on, when he cheats. It's for the times when you realize you can do so much better. It's for the times when you're tired of being sad, and you just want to move on.

Eighty-two songs, going from sad, to straight-up rage. Mostly pop, the music you'll find yourself singing along to.

84 tracks
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I first heard this mix a few months ago, and good for you but unfortunately for me, I still have the need to keep coming back to it. All the tracks help so much. Thank you!

strange how everytime i get really mad at him i come back here... thankfully this heals as i'm venting and i'm able to see both sides of the cut... guess we can cut as well as we love *sigh*