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*oc* Katrin

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@becka-b-112192 yeah I have a Facebook do you? That's the only private place I can think of. or maybe Wattpad. that's it. just in case you don't have a Wattpad account give me your Facebook. P.S. thanks I love V For Vendetta.

@becka-b-112192 You're welcome. I have found new songs from this masterpiece of a playlist. Btw, is there a story connected to this playlist? If so please let me know the name of it and where the story may be?

@Selenia Rhage Glad you found some songs from here. :) The story is written by me but it is not finished yet and is private for now. If you want, though, if there's somewhere we can privately message I'll send you a tidbit of it to see if you like it. :) P.S I love your picture xx

Um, this playlist actually is me. It's like you know my music taste. And to put the cherry on the perfect cake you named the playlist after me. Yeah granted it's not spelled like that but it's close. Oh yeah my name is Katherine. You did excellent, btw.

@Selenia Rhage Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoy this playlist, it's definitely my favorite of mine. :) Yeah, this is for my character Katrin, and it's cool you have a similar name!! I love it. :) Hope you find some new songs you like xx