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sample space #4


final playlist in a series highlighting some of my favourite examples of sampling in music.
as always, sample and original track are in back-to-back pairs.
cheated a little here with elton and frank (the wiki for SRK says it 'references' B&TJ; not strictly a sample) ((promise I'm not just being obnoxious with these acronyms, 8tracks won't let me mention the song title)).
there's also an interesting backstory behind the azealia / montell jordan sample - some classic azealia banks twitter beef with the dj (munchi) who created the EN beat, won't go into it here because it's too long but it's def worth a google if you love a bitta drama like me.
this was the last in my sample space series - I had loads of fun doing it, hopefully some other people will enjoy it too!

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