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The air in my lungs, the voice in my head.

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In the context of computer science, the notation of T(n) for the function of worst case time complexity is useful in describing and categorizing a given algorithm by its time complexity, as well as assessing its efficiency. If added to a certain name meant to be conveyed by a certain tag, these letters can work to yet another purpose! To get closer to the point, if you are into names having particular letters in particular orders that are not variable, no matter how much certain other configurations make the same sounds (which I completely understand not being into), you may want to switch out a, "herman gotlieb" tag for a "hermann gottlieb" tag. Such a choice is undecidable for me, due to ethical and practical limits of ownership and access, but may be decidable for you, however you so decidabilificate it. In conclusion, I'll delete this message (or you can, I think) if you would like, at any point, for whatever reason.