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Oh, happy day, listeners!


a mix for Carlos and Cecil; songs to listen to while Night Vale quietly coalesces from place into being, while the world falls down, while dark matter takes a physical form of John Peters (you know, the farmer), while the only thing that matters is the warmth of your hand on his.

(Glow Cloud from

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The first song on this, Love's Mood by Django Reinhardt, really struck a chord (pun not intended) with me. I heard the song several years ago in a small shop in Devon (South-West England), it was called Inspired Buys and sold loads of vintage and antique nick-knacks. We go down there every year and every time I go in this shop, it was quite a centre point of my childhood memories, and this year when I went, it reminded me of WTNV so much.

Sorry I'm rambling, it's just I really have a lot of feels about this song.