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"Don't know what karma i cashed,"


"but i definitely don't deserve someone as good as you"

so.. this is like sort of a maccready mix and sort of a mix abt him and my sole survivor idk man idk

8 tracks
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i love mac so much & this is a great playlist (from what i've heard so far) do you happen to have a track list? bc 8tracks just isn't letting me have a full listen (past track 5)

@midna ye ye i got u its 1. the wolf - mumford & sons 2. dear fellow traveler - sea wolf 3. the end of the world - skeeter davis 4. a car, a torch, a death - 21 pilots 5. till the end of time - perry como 6. arsonists lullabye - hozier 7. like a stone - audio slave 8. green eyes - cold play

clapping emojis, i love this very much. thank god someone else loves this dweeb. nice choice w Like a Stone. nice choices overall