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Spooky beach party


So I was hoping to go to the beach today and play my newly minted beach playlist on my iphone, but we didn't. So I decided to channel my disappointment into a mix for horror lovers, death rockers, and goths who love/hate the summer. Enjoy! Note; this starts out punkish and then drifts into gothic.

  • Aloha from hell by Aloha From Hell
  • Man or Astroman Maximum Radiation Level (instrumental) by Wipe Out Music
  • Surfbat by Grave
  • Rat Fink by Misfits The
  • All Things Beautiful by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  • The Sun And The Rainfall (REMastered Mix) by Depeche Mode
  • Endless Summer of the Damned by Bauhaus
  • The Last Day of Summer by The Cure
8 tracks