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For the past while I've been working on a screenplay. I know, cliche right. Anyway, it's Woody Allen/Wes Anderson inspired, about a man whose conscience speaks to him (and he talks back (and no one notices)), and he meets a girl yadda yadda yadda. I'm extremely attached to it and the characters I have created. These songs are the songs I have collected for it so far, and they set the mood perfectly for it, or any deep in thought setting.

Songs from Coeur de Pirate, M. Ward, Sidney Bechet

14 tracks
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Please let us know how the screenplay goes! It sounds like a wonderful idea. And thank you for the lovely playlist. :)

This is splendid. I love this mix so much!
And I would absolutely see that movie. Wes and Woody - brilliant inspiration.

Thank you so much! I would die if I could make it into a real movie. My old writers teacher is in contact with some movie companies! It's insane!