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please don't fall apart

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OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, this is so deliciously painful i could cry. love in the dark is so terrible and good to them, and ok let's face it i AM CRYING. I CANT FACE YOUR BREAKIGN HEART ID ONT THINK YOU CAN SAVE ME EVERYTHING CHANGEDM EOKLPAESE DON TFALL PART. !!!!!!!!!!!! END ME !!!!! ALSO EVERY OTHER SONG ON HERE WTF END ME SO MUCH. okay, sorry, i had to get that out and the alternative was basically crying into a pillow. anyways, this is beautiful and i love it w/everything i have. great job !!! :)

@loveisaviolence wow! Thank you so much!! I'm so so glad that you like the playlist :3 This whole playlist came about because of Love in the Dark, actually. I was listening to the new album and when I heard this song I KNEW I had to use it!! Hehe, thanks so much for the lovely comments, I'm so happy you like it!!!