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Shules (Warning!: Will Give You Major Feels!)


Read this as you listen:
1: Shules first kiss
2: between when Shules broke up and got back together Shawn’s thoughts
3: literally Taylor watched the Very Close Talk scene in Bounty Hunters & wrote this song about Jules’ thoughts
4: <3
12: Very Close Talk scene
13: just put this song in so I can imagine Shules on a date at the beach
14: Shawn’s thoughts b4 shules is together
15: Shawn’s always worried about Jules when she’s hurt
16: Juliet’s thoughts when Shawn’s dating Abigail

16 tracks
4 comments on Shules (Warning!: Will Give You Major Feels!)

I'm so glad you liked yhe playlist!! Shules is my number one OTP as well! I literally grt major feeld everytime i listen to this

This is absolutely gorgeous and perfect, and I very much enjoyed every one of the songs and how they reminded me at least a bit of Shules (who is definitely my number one fictional OTP). When I got to "Don't Let Me Go", though, that's when I knew it was love at first sight. Thanks for the awesome playlist!