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yours, raphaëlle


love songs and letters for girls i love with every bit of my heart
nothing on this mix goes together, because all of my friends are such special, unique people and i don't need them to go together to love them

forgive the sappiness

11 tracks
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I STILL CAN'T GET OVER HOW YOU GAVE ME A BEYONCE SONG. I'M NOT WORTHY. I actually remember my parents playing the album nonstop when it came out! I grew up with a lot of 'family albums' so to speak and I definitely have a distinct memory of this being one in constant rotation on car rides. I'm definitely going to revisit it now! We should discuss it some time. I love you so much, Belle. I can't thank you enough.

Ah, I hope you realise, now that we have a song, we're officially internet gfs. And 'Dima Dima' is the perfect song!! ^^ I love it very, very much. In fact, I love this entire playlist- which is a truly rare thing with me. {Whyyy have I never heard 'Booty Swing' before? It's fantastic!} I love you, luminous Belle! Dima, dima, dima! ♥

IT IS, it goes mysterious and aggressive and ~power~ for like 30s and then it goes CAR METAPHORS!!! and QUICK and DORKY and the crow thing and that is **so** Ronan omg. Ronan "The Greywaren" Lynch vs. Ronan "I like gasoline and shopping carts" Lynch. Also I just love Santigold erm. YEEE Cool Names Club!!!!

Aw love thank you so so so much for including me. It means the world to me :') and Bastille is a band I do adore, so it seemed quite appropriate! Even if it isn't California hippie stoner ;) but honestly it made me really happy to read that you encourage my devilish streak and including the XX and Rihanna was all so perfect. It was the perfect song, I want to cry, ily <3