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Belly Dancing Habibi


Belly dance time~

5 years of belly dance classes/lessons and going strong.
But the teachers always come up with the same old.
Every week the feared 'I' word comes along.
(I as in Improvisation)

And to top it off, every 10th(and last of the season) lesson we have to perform our own little dance.
This list contains songs I hadn't heard, ever. And I love them!

Creating a little choreography or improvising isn't going to be a problem anymore!

  • Evil Bellydance by Haemorrhoid
  • Desert Groove by Bellydance
  • bellydance break by Queen Saidi
  • Bellydance by Kate Mazalova
  • Natalia Bellydance by Drum Solo
  • TapirVolant by Tapir Volant
  • Hottest Bellydance by Adolfo Urrutia
  • Bellydance by Peter Jordan
  • Bellydance HIT rmx by Smajlovic Elvis
  • The Soul Of Cairo (Bellydance Routine) by Dirtzoo
  • Bellydance One by Seth Lyon
  • Dervish Dream by Paul Dinletir
  • Ultra Chill Bellydance Throwback (Hybrid Drumset + Melody Triggering Live Performance) by Peter Arzeno
  • BELLYDANCE by Belladancer
  • Bellydance 1 by
  • Bellydance 4 gogos by mikki_p
  • BELLYDANCE by Liz Harlow
  • baligh hamdy by Baligh Hamdy
  • Rainbow bellydance by evolvingrhythms
  • Bellydance Music by moe nour
  • Four Winds Bellydance Mix by AudioBuddha
  • Mystic Queen Mystery (spooky baby cry...listen for yourself i aint goin crazy baby lol)) by *Az Ra*
  • Bellydance by Foreign Dojo
  • Bellydance (Bollywood Beat) by Prinaya
  • lunatic bellydance by samali1
  • Bellydance by Silvercat Punkgirl
  • Bellydance by Descent
  • KR. Raqs Sharki Bellydance Cocktail om Kalthom by Ramy Adel 1
  • Lastig by Bellydance
  • Bellydance by com4tee
  • Bellydance Firefan Beats by Kosake
  • Best Bellydance Remix (ليلة حب) by Laylat Hob
  • 05 Bellydance Revolutions by bellydancefusion
  • Ghouls Bellydance by POLYGOID
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