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Rapped in thought


The second installment of thought provoking rap music. These songs are a perfect blend of thoughtful lyricism and well composed beats. This mix is here for you to learn and reflect on life, not learn about clubs and reflect on your dick size. Hope you enjoy.

Installment 1:

57 tracks
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hey man thanks for pointing that out! I'm not sure who that is rapping because I've actually never heard that song before, when I play the song in itunes it's the Blue Scholars version, but when I upload it onto here it keeps changing into this song I have no idea what's going on...

Np! the only reason I know is because the same thing happened to me on my mix. Just edit your mix and theres a button you can push that says its the wrong song

Fucking right sonn! I'm in the ATL now but originally lived off Beltway 8 and Wilcrest. Mad props my brotha!! Great track list, that goes on and on without any dull songs calling the skip button.