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Study #2


10th Mix of my Music for Studying series.
Dedicating this mix to a friends birthday, cuz the betch didn't tell me :P

As always: Feel free to play in the background.

69 tracks
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I love your 8tracks mixtape. Check out my blog at lushmeetsglam blogspot. com. Google it ;). You have alot of followers...I can see why. I'm a painter. ♡

Much appreciated!
My only concern, and not your fault, is that some tracks have a higher volyme which can be distracting. Perhaps there is some way to even this out tough.

I meant at my end. Perhaps some setting that adjusts my speakers or such.
You just keep making these great mixtapes and stay in school son. :)

I'm having a love/hate relationship with this mix. I keep wanting to run off to watch/play whatever the song is from, but I need to work! lol... It's a beautiful collection, thank you!