44 comments on The Fact Is You Don't Want To.. by BenMcLovin

you absolute legend, I have been practicing that piece for so long on the piano, and had no idea where to find a recorded version :')

Really made my day. x

I really enjoyed this mix lots, but didn't quite appreciate the beginning of sky burial, gave me quite a shock.. Actually now that I think about it, it certainly woke me up hahah Not sure if you did that on purpose, but thanks I guess? I don't know. Mixed feelings about that tune. :P

sounds great, my friend! One thing: maybe change the track by Alexandre Despat to read Alexandre Desplat...notice the added "l" in the last name. I wasn't able to search this track on iTunes until I figured this out. Since I know nothing of the artist, it would have been difficult to find this track otherwise. Thanks : )

Sadly, itunes is not available for Linux ... thus, no sale. Love the mix ... just can't find a way to spend my money.

100 pages done, 50 more to go.
Genetics, a bitch no more.
This play list is greatly balanced - ingeniously infectious.

I'm so bad at studying but thanks to this mix, I'm actually getting stuff done. Here's to you if i pass my three science and history exams taking place this week.