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april '15 kpop playlist


aka the month where i basically said fuck it to keeping my monthly mixes around 30 songs. i expanded my ~musical horizons~ this month and there's more of a mix of pop, hiphop and some indie thrown in here. all were released this month + plus one throwback track from 0412.

thanks to kpophqpictures@tumblr for the lovely image of bora used in the coverart. ヽ( °◇°)ノ♪

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72 tracks
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Great Playlist!!! Love that you didn't limit it to ~30 songs. I listen while I'm at work so longer playlists help me get through the day faster. Plus this month has so much great music! Thanks so much for putting it together. s from July 2011)

Looks like my message got cut off weird, but I meant to type: (btw did you mean to put Infinite's Tic toc on there? It's from July 2011)

@Badymaru thankyou for always leaving me such nice comments!! i really appreciate them. and thankyou for the feedback on the amount of songs per mix! i did not mean to put that song by infinite on there and frankly i am confused as to how it got there. i guess i clicked a wrong song title or something when i was importing my music. but again thankyou!! <3