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march '15 kpop playlist


mix of my favorite kpop releases from the month of 0315 + one throwback track from 0310.

supersized mix this month bc there were too many damn good albums. tbh if i didn't limit myself to 3 songs per artist, the entirety of 'the beat goes on' by d&e would be on here. but alas.

thanks to kpophqpictures@tumblr for the lovely image of minah used in the coverart. ヽ( °◇°)ノ♪

♢ ♔ ♔ ♢

33 tracks
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This mix is awesome. YOU are awesome, thank you for putting together the best songs of one of the most promising months for kpop in years

@austtera thanks so much!!! ahhh this comment just made my night. ❤ i've actually been thinking about going back and adding another 15 songs bc i left out SO MUCH good stuff. it's unreal how amazing march was for kpop.