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may '14 kpop playlist


a mix of kpop songs i've had on constant replay this month.

these are not all songs that came out in the last month, just tunes i've re-discovered or especially enjoyed.

the lovely image of used in the coverart is courtesy kpophqpictures on tumblr ヽ( °◇°)ノ♪

  • Run by EXO-K
  • Pretty Lingerie(예쁜 속옷) by G.NA
  • Kiss & Cry And Dia (Bad Girl) [Eng Sub + Han + Rom] by BAD GIRL
  • Witch's Diary (마녀의 일기) [A Witch's Love OST] by SPICA
  • Without You Now (이젠 너 없이도) (Feat. t-Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK, Bizzy) by Yuna Kim
  • 다만 그대를 by 박시환
  • Sad Ending 좌우음성 mix by 빅스(VIXX)
  • Damage by 마리오
  • Mojo Project ft Yua by Call Me, A Fool
  • 여자를 몰라 (Feat. 제이켠) by 전효성 (Jun Hyo Sung)
10 tracks
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