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The Sultan has lost his Mind


You are the tyrant you feared you would become

  • Bloody Shirt to Kill a King vs. Bastille Remix by Lizzie Wood 3
    Blood on your shirt, It's too late to say you're sorry.
  • فریدون فراهانی by دیگه دیره
    Avoiding you won't calm my soul any more
  • King Of The World (Demo) by Porcelain Black
    I'm the fucking king of the world Get on your knees
  • Bring Me The Horizon by Bring Me the Horizon
    Ever since this began, I was blessed with a curse. And for better or for worse I was born into a hearse.
  • The Horror Of Our Love by Ludo
    Ever so much blood
  • Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation
    I'll seek you out, flay you alive. One more word and you won't survive
  • Sail (Awolnation Rock Remix) by Self-X
    This is how I show my love.
  • Liar And The Lighter by Gabrielle Aplin
    Oh love, we want the ones that we will grow to hate
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