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Instrumental only...


This is my first playlist on 8 tracks... It's a collection of beautiful instrumental songs from movie soundtracks and other classical songs that I like to listen to when studying or reading. You may notice I have a soft spot for piano ^^

Hope you enjoy ! I will update this periodically when I discover new songs and will be open to suggestions :)

This playlist includes songs from some Disney movies, "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain", Aladdin, Tarzan, Snow White, Ps I love you, Shrek, Harry Potter, Up, The Lord of the rings, Forrest Gump and much more

21 tracks
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If you could write where each song comes from, even if it is self-explanitory that would be helpful. Obviously the Harry Potter main theme explains itself, bit I'd like to know what movies the other tracks came from.

@lexxilolli I did the best I could, I don't know why but 8tracks doesn't allow to write the song titles in the description... If you wonder about a specific song you can ask :) Thanks for your comment !