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Come Sleep Always


Accompanying FST to Come Sleep Always by Besieged Infection. All tracks, with very few exceptions, were written during or before the 18th century and are by French composers.

Final track, "Come Sleep Always," was written specifically for the story. It was composed and performed by Alena / Besieged Infection.

Photo of Trailing White Wolfsbane found on:

  • Your Protector by Fleet Foxes
  • Gavotte en rondeau (aus: "Ballets Du Roy") by Lully, Jean-Baptiste
  • L'Egyptienne by Rameau
  • Zaide by Hector Berlioz
  • Deus judicium tuum regi da, H by Marc-Antoine Charpentier
  • Beata Viscera By Perotin (Magister Perotinus) from la grande bellezza by fadi_samir
  • Or nous dites Marie by Marc-Antoine Charpentier
  • O Del Mio Dolce Ardor by Ruth Greenhalgh
  • François Couperin by Jop Fussel
  • Come Sleep Always by Besieged Infection
10 tracks
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