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i'm a walking travesty


Malia Yukimura hasn't put down roots since she was eight years old. Going back to the place she last pulled them up brings much more than she bargained for. Derek, a brother she'd nearly forgotten; Stiles, with his wild eyes and even wilder theories; Scott and his perpetual hearteyes for her, girlfriend.

And that's before she meets Abigail. And Moira. And Tate. Or should she say: herself, herself, and herself.

Project Callisto has some explaining to do.

18 tracks
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Oh man! I love that you put together a mix with songs that have a 1:1 correspondence to each scene, I absolutely LOVE it. A lot of these songs were new to me, even the ones from familiar artists, so that was fun in and of itself, too. Starting the mix the way you did was so genius -- it created such a great sense of ambiguity and brought up the issues of identity that were obviously central to the story, and it put me in the perfect place mentally. I also really loved Mouthwash for the scene with Malia and Kira in the bathroom/club at large, and Lies for Kate, Infrared for Derek/Braeden, and La Familia for the Kira/Scott conversation were other stand-out faves. Not to mention - I can't get over the fact that you included remixed quantum physicists on this! I'm slowly attempting to learn the actual science that I didn't get to learn as a kid, so I loved it, but it also made me laugh a lot.

@biggestpretend For a long time, I was searching for a song I felt could sum up Tate and their role in the story. I listened to every queer or trans mix I own, I looked for songs that I thought might describe their relationship with a single other character. In the end, Tate is a funny, intelligent sometimes-girl who wants nothing to do with biology and finds their solace in their geek buttons, their geek girlfriend, and their physics. Amazingly, I had a song for tis.