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Awkward Tina

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1. Where were you born?
a) in love?
b) in vodka?
c) in the sea?
d) you should be so lucky.

2. Have you ever considered that your friends are only there for you when you reach out for them, that they fade away, that you are not real and they are not real and that all emotion is a blatant lie you tell yourself in order to keep the wolves beneath the bed and your blood inside your skin?

3. Do your parents still love each other? Write half a page arguing your case, including at least one of these vocabulary sets:
a) burn - bottle - bruises
b) eyes - razors - roundabouts
c) i am loving- i am wanting - i am leaving
d) sorry - sorry - sorry

4. When you were fifteen, there was a boy that pinched the gap between your ribs and tore the lining of your ribs and pressed his mouth to your waistband as though his lips were made of money. To what extent were the cuts on your wrists and the razor beneath your pillow his fault? Please make reference to the source:
I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you. I’d do the same.

5. Drawing from Homer’s Iliad, Sylvia Plath, and your own experiences, form an argument about how drowning is the softest way to die, the least heroic, the one you chose. Illustrate how the two writers vividly evoke sensations of empathy towards the reader, and how you so wish that you could join them beneath.

6. What do you see when you turn out the light?
a) the dark?
b) the monsters?
c) the drinks cabinet downstairs, empty and yawning and raucous?
d) the dark.

7. Why did you stop believing in fairy tales? Make reference to the girl in the changing ROOM that you didn’t see, to the man on the roadside whose teeth like needles, to your best friend in your bedroom with hot hot hands and a smile of forgetting, to the girl who kissed your wrists and smudged your scars until she burnt you from the inside out.

8. How do you want to die?
a) in love?
b) in vodka?
c) in the sea?
d) you should be so lucky.