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Thinking of You


"Do you listen to a certain playlist when you think of me?"
-"Yes I do, actually...To be honest, it's a love playlist on 8tracks.."

Well, here's my playlist for you.

  • Daylight by Maroon 5
  • Last Love Song by ZZ Ward
  • turn your face by DaliaM
  • Fall by Justin Bieber
  • Breathe Again (Sara Bareilles) by ninabeaulieu
  • Breathe by Alex G
  • If You Don't Wanna Love Me by Raffa-ello
  • Let me love you by Glee
8 tracks
8 comments on Thinking of You

I made this playlist, with only the guy who broke my heart in mind... 2 years later, and I still love him with every piece. I hope that somehow (if you messed up or vice-versa) everything works out for you..

2 years later, and I still love him.
Don't lose hope, because the first part to being better, is admitting you were wrong.