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An Acquired Taste


Nobody on 8tracks likes metal..But.. I do.. so .. regardless, here's a wide variety of metal sub-genres ranging from metalcore (Atreyu) to death metal (Fleshgod Apocalypse) to folk metal (Eluveitie.)

15 tracks
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I freaking LOVE that you have such a broad range of musical taste!!!!!
That's amazing!
Awh man! That's just awesome(:
I'm loving the mix already, and I'm just on song #2.
p.s. I really love Bullet For My Valentine. I've been a big fan of them for a looong time.
and..I'm not sure if you listen to these cd's but the Punk goes Pop vol. 4 cd came out and Tonight Alive has done a good remix. I think I like the third cd better though. I haven't quite listened to all of the one's on the new one yet.
Haha, okay. I'm going to stop, I'm practically having a conversation with myself. xD
Again, fantastic mix.
Keep being yourself!

hahah well thank you! I mean, this may be obvious, but I love my musical taste too XD
I used to listen to Bullet for my Valentine, it's been a while since I've listened to them though. I also used to listen to the Punk Goes Pop CDs so maybe I'll check out the new one. There's always some songs I like on them.
Thank you!

If I could give you a standing ovation through a broadband Internet connection, I would. You have my respect for musical diversity and the seeming size of your musical library. Don't underestimate Metal, I'd take it over dubstep any day.

Your comments are so flattering! I do have a ton of music, and I pride myself in the variety of my musical taste. Metal is fantastic, and many people don't appreciate it as they should.

Your welcome :). I do love me some metal, about 40% of all the music I have is metal. Although I can tell just from your mixes that I do not have near the library size that you do. I may have to put up a mix myself at some point!