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And So the Summer Ends


The days are shorter, nights are cooler, and hints of red and gold fleck the trees. Summer ends and Fall begins. Eleven tracks including music by April Smith & The Great Picture Show, Belle & Sebastian, and Final Fantasy.
Photograph for this mix is a picture of me by my amazing friend Hania.

9 tracks
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Lets see, A beautiful girl who has amazing taste in music, enjoys the classics and likes bacon. Where do I sign up? If you ever make it to the Twin Cities in MN hit me up id love to pick your brain.

hahah Maybe the internet makes me seem cooler than I actually am..? I don't really see myself going there anytime, so you're welcome to ask questions here.

OK lets see, If you are such a fan of bacon have you ever had Zingerman's bacon from your home town of Ann Arbor? How did you come to like classical music, did it come from your choir background or is it something you just enjoy? And Finally do you play any instruments?

Well, I didn't grow up in Ann Arbor, I'm here for school. I've had Zingerman's once, but not Zingerman's bacon. I feel like it's something I need to try now. As for classical music, it's one of those things that has always been a part of my life. It started with just piano, because I played piano for just over 6 years. I still play a bit, but nowhere near as well as I used to. The choir background definitely added to it, as well as this class I took in high school which was a music class where I actually had to compose some music. So between choir.. and piano.. and that class, and then my love for movie soundtracks.. I just steadily grew to listen to it more and more. I am working on learning guitar at the moment. I have this lovely guitar which barely ever gets played because I'm so busy..

School in Ann Arbor? U of Mich? and what is you area of study? What is it you do for enjoyment besides making play lists? Ok if you could go to one place in the world right now for as long as you wanted no expenses spared where would it be and why?

Yessir. UofM. I am majoring in Spanish, and minoring in CASC (community action and social change.) For enjoyment.. well.. I love to run. I ran my first half marathon in October. I have friends, (surprise surprise?) and I hang out with them and do fun illegal things. And I sing.. And when I have the time I like to read. The next question is easy. Since I am a Spanish major, Spain. I went to Spain for a short time the summer after my sophomore year and fell in love with it. I also stayed with a family there and it's on my bucket list to go see them again.

I love the picture :) I think it's my fave of that photo shoot. Speaking of which, we need you (yes, YOU) to get a super nice camera so we can take more impressive pics of ourselves.