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Lose yourself in some of the most beautiful classical songs ever composed. Piano, strings, vocals, old, new, fast, slow, it doesn't matter, these songs are amazing.

14 tracks
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Heh, Whenever I hear Tchaikovsky's 1812, I'm always remembering V for Vendetta and the phrase "HAHAHA!! How beautiful, is it not?!"

this list is awesome! some of my favorites...satie, elgar, tchaikovsky...i love it! thanks for sharing!

So, I never really gave this type of music any thought, but one day i decided, hey why not try it out..Now i'm hooked. Thanks for such awesome mixes :)

Daily routine: 1) turn on computer 2) open 3) Choose betsyrae playlist

Seriously, whether doing accounting or writing your compilations are perfect. I've always heard Michigan was cool.

Thanks again and God bless

It's comments like these that make my day. Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoy my playlists :) Thanks so much for listening.