477 comments on Focus Guaranteed: My Ultimate Piano and Cello Study Playlist by betsyrae

Your playlist is genius. I listen to it every time I do homework or study, which is practically all the time. I absolutely love it!

I listen to your playlists while studying for EVERY exam. thank you so much for making these, they make everything a lot easier and better xo

I really, really appreciate this playlist!! Perfect for everything... studying, sleeping, and for me even partying, because I play piano and love classical. Love every song.

I love the majority of it. my main issue is that when I come across a piece that I know well (the swan, fur elise, the gymnopedie, bach cello suites), I end up distracted, the same way I get when I listen to music with lyrics.
this is just a personal thing, of course. it's a great mix.

haha yeah, i understand that. i definitely get distracted by some of the pieces that i'm just awe-stricken by. but, i'm glad you still enjoy it.