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Gorgeous Movie Soundtracks

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this is incredible! and is making studying so much more bearable. I'm so glad there are other people out there who love geeking-out to movie scores!

:) I'm glad you like it! I feel like such a dork that movie soundtracks make up the majority of my itunes library.. but.. then I remember that movie soundtracks are freaking awesome. And other people like them too. So, life is good.

Once again, you have excellent taste. Although this is one of your first posted, it's the first time I've heard it :) Keep up the good work. \m/

Thank you! Movie soundtracks are my favorite to make mixes of. When I created this one.. I had no idea there would be 5+ more to follow XD

Please just continue arranging these mixes, here your promise I will follow until the end :)) great harmony between selected tracks. Great musics.

Oh man you included 'Romantic Flight' on this one. I'm not sure if that song makes me want to cry or fly on the back of a dragon. Probably both.