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Gorgeous Movie Soundtracks Take 7


I think I have too much free time if I'm already on Take 7. Nonetheless, here are eighteen tracks including music by John Williams, James Horner and Hanz Zimmer for all those movie soundtrack lovers out there.

18 tracks
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Hey, Betsy! Browsing through your mixes for something to listen to while I study and just noticed that "The Finale" by Danny Elfman is not actually from Batman Returns - but from The Corpse Bride.

Perfect mix for those nights when i don't have much to do and just want to relax at work 8o) Much appreciated!

the harry potter track made studying bearable. i felt like i was studying for OWLs or something. haha THANK YOU.

The Kite Tournament made me smile and actually tear up a little. I love that book, and the movie is excellent as well.