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Gorgeous Movie Soundtracks Take 8: Academy Award Nominees


Here's some gorgeous movie music from the 2010 and 2011 Academy Award nominees. Music from The Artist, War Horse, Inception and more. Only 9 tracks long, but well over an hour of music due to the soundtrack suites.

9 tracks
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i've been loving all your mixes lately--they're great to study to! The How To Train Your Dragon suite makes me feel like I can do anything haha.

This is a great collection of movie music. As are all of your mixes. By the way we went to middle school together...thanks for your hard work on these- they are helping me get through finals!

Agh, I love all of your mixes, but your movie soundtrack playlists are especially great.
Also, I have to ask - where do you get your playlist icons? Do you make them? Either way, they're always fabulous.

Ooh! Good question. I wish I made them. Usually I just do random google searches for artwork, this particular one is from Deviant art.