41 comments on Made for each Other: Piano and Guitar by betsyrae

Really great sounds. I am an independent acoustic artist/songwriter. Some of my songs may be suitable for your Made for each Other playlist. Follow the links on my profile for free downloads

I suspect that there are other users with mixes perhaps as good as yours. But, there is only so much music I can listen to. I never get past your selections. There is no need.

This is awesome:) I only hate to take away the "♡707" by adding a like; 7/7 is good:> (my girlfriend's birthday)

Thank you so much!! You have definately helped me from going insane from my essay I'm writing and finding the true meaning of Great Gatsby :)!!

I keep overdosing on the max number of times you can play this playlist in a day! Getting me through my reading week studying <3

What a beautiful marriage of my two favourite instruments. Absolutely loved this mix. I especially enjoyed that piano cover of Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are -- far less cheesy than the original ;)

Hi Betsy,
I was just introduced to your playlists via facebook today and I absolutely love them! I'm an acoustic guitarist from Indiana and I write instrumental music in this style. I'd be happy to hook you up with my CD "Meteor Shower" for free if you'd like to email me at ajc1121@hotmail.com. Here's a video of me playing one of the tracks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZfAp2EEFH0

Thanks again!


betsyrae you have here a great mixes, this is amazing for the studies, congratulations.

ps: you are my first follow =P.